The key to optimal skin health is partnering with a skincare professional that can advise you on an effective combination of customized skin care solutions and powerful in-office treatments to deliver healthier, more radiant looking skin.

Skin Scope

Get Started with SkinScope

Your journey to customized skincare starts with an initial consultation using SkinCeuticals’ exclusive SkinScope. The SkinScope LED diagnostic is designed to reveal underlying skin concerns before they rise to the surface. To assess patients’ skin, SkinScope uses two light modes: a simulated daylight mode for reviewing visible concerns, and a LED-UV light mode for identifying underlying damage. From there, one of our expert skincare providers will have the information needed to help formulate your customized treatment plan.

SkinScope LED Modes Explained

Daylight Mode

Identify visible skin concerns like:

  • Redness, blotchiness, and flushing
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acneic skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles


LED-UV light detects fluorescence in skin for clearer identification of skin concerns and conditions not visible in everyday light. While healthy skin reflects back UV light creating a blue glow, the existence of unwanted pigmentation, poor desquamation, dehydration, congested pores, and skin oiliness is reflected in a variety of fluorescent shades.

  • Pale Blue: Normal and healthy skin
  • White: Dead skin cells
  • Dark Blue: Thinner, dehydrated skin
  • Brown: Pigmentation and dark spots
  • Yellow: Oily areas of the face
  • Dark Pink or Orange: Congested pores and comedones*

*Yellow, orange, or dark pink will often show as small dots (or pinpricks of light) on the face

Custom D.O.S.E. product

Custom D.O.S.E.™

Personalized Correction Designed For Your Skin

SkinCeuticals’ CUSTOM D.O.S.E™ is a professional in-office service that formulates personalized serums designed to address your unique skin concerns. Your Custom D.O.S.E™ serum combines a one-of-a-kind formulation of exfoliating, brightening, enhancing, or clarifying ingredients compounded in real-time in a hydroalcoholic or emulsion base.

Custom D.O.S.E™ Benefits & Ingredients

Your Custom D.O.S.E™ is specifically formulated to help you treat your unique skin concerns.

  • Improves Signs of Aging: Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Uneven texture
  • Improves Signs of Discoloration: Sun Spots, Stubborn Brown Patches, Post-Acne, Dullness
  • Improves Skin Clarity: Appearance of Imperfections
  • Your Custom D.O.S.E™ serum combines a personalized formulation of exfoliating, brightening, enhancing, or clarifying ingredients compounded in real-time in a hydroalcoholic or emulsion base.
Dermablend product

Dermablend™ Products Offered at SkinLab:

  • Flawless Creator Lightweight Foundation: Instant full coverage liquid foundation drops
  • Continuous Correction CC Cream: Full Coverage Foundation
  • Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer: 24HR Hydrating Full Coverage Concealer
  • Cover Cream: High-Performance Cream Foundation for Maximum Coverage with SPF 30
  • Insta-Grip Jelly Makeup Primer: 3-in-1 Multi-Tasking Gripping Makeup Primer
  • Illuminating Banana Powder: Loose Setting Powder
  • Loose Setting Powder: Makeup-Locking Setting Powder
  • Poresaver Matte Makeup Primer: Instant Pore-Minimizer, Skin-Softener and Mattifying Primer for Oily Skin


Dermablend™ is a camouflaging makeup that contains high-performance pigments formulated to conceal the most difficult skin conditions or concerns, such as vitiligo, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, birthmarks, burns, scars, bruising, tattoos, spider veins, and many more.

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“I’m really loving my CUSTOM D.O.S.E formula as it’s not breaking out my skin, and also I can gradually see the work is doing on my acne scars and texture, so rather than layering different formulas that sometimes don’t work together, this bottle is doing all the job for me which means basically I’m hooked and I think you’ll be too.”


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